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If there's one name that stands for the union of creativity and engineering, it's Lego. And if there's one man who's bursting with creative and sophisticated Lego ideas, it's Alexandre Rossier. His fascination for snow groomers gave him the idea to build such a machine on a smaller scale.

+ How did you come up with the idea of implementing PRINOTH products in the Lego world?

Snow groomers are fascinating machines that combine the features of a bulldozer, a tank and a crane. Moreover, they move on snow: all these ingredients are awfully inspirational to recreate a machine at a smaller scale.

+ Is there a special connection to Lego and/or PRINOTH?

I have been creating with Lego for 44 years: spaceships, cars, buildings, science-fiction vehicles, locomotives and much more: Lego bricks are more than toys: they are boosting your creativity, imagination and engineering skills. I started building the 'Moon Landing' Lego set in 1975, and never stopped.

+ Do you have a special relation to snow groomers yourself: have you ever driven a PRINOTH vehicle yourself?

My uncle, René Kalbermatter, has been working at the Swiss importer of PRINOTH (previously LEITNER) for four decades, and, as a child, I had the opportunity to go with him to demonstrate the machines on some of our lovely Swiss ski resorts.

+ Is there a special event that was decisive for your PRINOTH passion? An anecdote in the realization process of the Lego-LEITWOLF or the Lego PRINOTH food truck?

My first remote-controlled machine, a H 400 D turbo, was 'commissioned' by the importer of LEITNER to be exposed at Swiss Alpina in 1983 in Martigny (a fair which was similar to Interalpin nowadays): it was featured in the magazine 'Motor im Schnee' (the leading magazine for ski resorts equipment at that time).

To realize the PRINOTH food truck in Lego was the perfect opportunity to create a model at the scale of the legendary Lego Minifigures, and to create a funny diorama.

+ Why did you choose PRINOTH? Which characteristics of PRINOTH vehicles fascinate you?

The LEITNER models already had the best design of all snow groomer models in the 80s. As a designer with many years of experience in the automotive sector, I am constantly on the lookout for innovations and brands with a strong personality: PRINOTH is definitely one of them. It has been crossing borders in the areas of technology, design and brand/marketing for quite some time. I still have a whole series of ideas that I would like to realize in the near future...

Among many vehicles that I have been creating in my professional career so far (cars, racecars, motorbikes, commuters, tractors, airplanes interiors), I never did a snow groomer, but I have quite a few ideas that I'll use on coming projects ...

+ How does a Lego Ideas project application work? How do you proceed when creating the models, how do you get all the right parts?

For the models that are existing in real life, I start with two engineering drawings at the scale of the Lego model I want to realize: top and side views. For models that I invent, I start with... nothing but the idea in my brain.

Since I have been creating with Lego for quite a long time, I know all Lego components, and how to use them at their best.

+ Platform in the entrance hall or secret treasure in the hobby cellar: where does the Lego LEITWOLF / Lego PRINOTH food truck have their place in your home?

I have so many models that I frequently switch them from my living room, my assembly room, and from sealed storage boxes in the cellar indeed.

+ Do you have further plans and visions regarding PRINOTH and Lego?

I am currently creating all LEITNER/PRINOTH snow groomers at Lego Minifigures scale: LEITNER H 400 D TURBO, LEITNER LH 500, PRINOTH LEITWOLF, PRINOTH AGRIPOWER, SNOWLICIOUS PRINOTH (the turquoise one), and, as a remote-controlled model, the PRINOTH PANTHER T14R.

On top of that, I start thinking about a futuristic PRINOTH LEITWOLF Generation III...

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