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PRINOTH is proud to announce its sponsorship contribution to Protect Our Winters (POW) as part of one of its Sustainability Program actions.

As heavy machinery manufacturer providing ski areas across the globe with snow grooming equipment, PRINOTH is always looking to support industry-related initiatives to the benefit of the environment. Alongside a host of technological advancements implemented to limit emissions from its products, PRINOTH has recently put in place concrete actions to stimulate climate change awareness amongst its employees. Management also aims to reach out to customers, suppliers and partners to ensure a common involvement is in motion.

“By supporting POW, PRINOTH adds another concrete action to its ongoing efforts to produce eco-friendly vehicles and mobilize its employees, customers and partners against climate change. On top of implementing the latest clean diesel engines in our snow groomers, customers can now have these equipped with fleet tracking and snow depth technologies allowing a more sustainable management of the precious resource that is snow.” Walter Piekarz, Sales Vice-President for PRINOTH North America.

"POW is excited to be partnering with PRINOTH, a company that is committed to ever-improving its sustainability and also advocating for the carbon-neutral world we need to address climate change. This is a concept we believe in: progress over perfection. We are appreciative of PRINOTH stepping up to turn passion into purpose and help us reach and engage more climate advocates.” Torrey Udall, Director of Development and Operations for Protect Our Winters.

Environmental awareness has always been part of PRINOTH’s DNA. Since its beginnings in the South Tyrolean Alps in the 60’s, the company’s philosophy regarding environmental protection has been key to its development. Today, most of the decisions about infrastructure and production processes are made considering the possible impact to the environment. This method of thinking has led to actions ranging from recycling heat from engine testing, installing electric vehicle chargers for staff & visitors, all the way to simple programs like paper recycling.

PRINOTH encourages its customers, suppliers and partners to get involved in the fight against climate change. Whether it is by implementing new ways of doing business, becoming ambassadors for a cleaner planet or supporting activist groups like POW, all actions are welcomed… and necessary!

Donate to POW here: https://protectourwinters.org/join-pow/

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