Use in all areas
PRINOTH snow groomers were designed for work on steep slopes. Thanks to their climbing ability and massive track contact area, they can carry out heavy lifting work on difficult terrain and, thanks also to their optimal weight distribution, can climb even high and steep slopes significantly more easily and with greater stability then wheeled vehicles. The enormous thrust and tight turning ability of the piste vehicles make the distribution of large volumes very easy.

Agricultural applications

  • Delivery of silage in biogas plants.
  • Mulching, mowing and seeding
  • Winching work in forestry
  • Transportation of wood chips and construction of reservoirs
  • Maintenance and care of ski slopes during the summer
  • Transport and shifting applications (work on nature restoration areas, potash extraction, opencast mining and landfill replanting)

Universal use of additional equipment
Thanks to the optional front and rear Category 2 power lifts with hydraulic, infinitely-adjustable DIN
power take-off shafts, all types of agricultural devices can be fitted. It can be operated using
original joysticks.

Coastal and natural disaster protection
Shifting and transport work in marshland, mulching in marshland and dikes, canal maintenance

Extreme conditions - Antarctica>
Thanks to their low ground pressure, they can reach locations otherwise out of reach for wheeled vehicles. Used PRINOTH vehicles in particular are perfect for use in extreme regions such as the Antarctic. They are used as transport vehicles, tractor units or to aid in the construction of ice roads.

Used Vehicles Online
PRINOTH presents a wide range of used snow groomers on its used vehicle portal. What are you waiting for? Try it and become the owner of a fully-overhauled PRINOTH snow groomer. CLICK HERE



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Silage Folder - LEITWOLF agripower
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