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PRINOTH & ‘Dein Winter. Dein Sport.’

Joining forces to secure the future of winter sports – Since 2015

“Something should really be done!” These words, or at least a variation on the theme, have been heard often in recent years. And they have prompted the German Ski Association (DSV), the German Ski Instructors Association (DSLV), and the German Snowboard Association (SVD) to come together and launch the “Your Winter. Your Sport.” initiative. They aim was to join forces to pool their expertise, send out positive messages, and inspire new and returning fans of winter sports. The three instigators are backed by a broad-based alliance representing a range of industries (www.deinwinterdeinsport.de/partner). Ski area operators, tourist associations, and sports equipment suppliers all share the same goal – promoting winter sports. Behind the “Your Winter. Your Sport.” umbrella brand there is a formidable network lobbying for the winter sports cause.

We are all united by a love of winter sports. PRINOTH is therefore supporting the “Your Winter. Your Sport.” initiative out of a deep sense of conviction.

The partners are aware of a shifting of values in our society and are intensively and seriously taking this change into consideration. The foundation for the development of winter sports must be a fair balance between economic and ecological challenges. Everyone involved is also keen to showcase the benefits and diversity of winter sports in all their various forms: the exercise, the health boost, the friendship, the great outdoors, the emotional lift, and, of course, the competitive and elite sides to the sports. Winter sports are more than just sport. To allow everyone to experience the diversity and beauty of winter, the initiative is supporting socially, physically, or mentally disadvantaged children and young people and enabling them to try out winter sports for themselves, a concern shared by the initiative’s high-profile patrons (www.deinwinterdeinsport.de/paten).

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