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The Seiser Alm Moonlight Classic in South Tyrol

The NEW HUSKY provides perfect tracks for the most unconventional of cross-country ski races.

This winter marks the tenth anniversary of one of the most unconventional cross-country ski races held in the Alps. The Seiser Alm Moonlight Classic, which takes place in South Tyrol on January 22, 2016, starts at 8 pm, with the contestants racing along the 15 and 30 kilometer routes under the light of the full moon. The moonlight, boosted by torches, and the wide open meadows of Europe’s largest Alpine pasture create an extraordinary atmosphere that stirs up excitement among skiers and spectators alike. In these unusual lighting conditions, perfectly prepared tracks are essential for minimizing the risk of falls and ensuring a fair competition. To guarantee top-quality track preparation, the event organizers rely on the performance of the NEW HUSKY.

NEW HUSKY – A legend is reborn
With 91 percent less nitrogen oxide and soot particles down by 87.5 percent, the NEW HUSKY, which meets the strictest current exhaust emission standard “Stage IV/Tier 4 Final,” is a prime example of how to balance maximum performance with environmental requirements. At 170 kW and 231 hp, it is the most powerful model in its class, And in comparison with its predecessor, it has 27% more torque, enhanced power transmission, and larger hydraulic pumps. The HUSKY can be used for cross-country and snowmobile tracks as well as small pistes, ski jumps, ski lift tracks and toboggan runs. It is also the perfect snow grooming vehicle for indoor ski slopes and transport work on rough terrain and in areas with little snow. This is a true all-rounder with outstanding climbing ability and excellent cost-effectiveness.