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Partnership with Snowpark Consulting

PRINOTH is set to expand its snow park expertise in Scandinavia

PRINOTH is set to expand its snow park expertise in and from Scandinavia: In December 2016, it is embarking upon a long-term cooperation with Snowpark Consulting AB, the Swedish specialist in park construction and competition courses, which built courses on the world cup for the last 10 years and also the very first ever Olympic slope-style course in Sochi in 2014.

Continued technological and tool development
The purpose of the partnership with Snowpark Consulting is to foster the exchange of experience and promote the continued development of technologies and tools for use in snow parks. “We would like to offer our riders the best conditions imaginable. That’s why we need the best shaping tools and that means PRINOTH snow groomers,” enthuses Anders Forsell, CEO of Snowpark Consulting.

The world of X vehicles from PRINOTH
The team at Snowpark Consulting, headed by legendary shaper Anders Forsell, is made up of former riders who have many years of experience working with snow groomers. They are supported by the latest generation of X vehicles: the NEW BISON X and the LEITWOLF X, both specially designed for park building. In a world that is made up of jumps, jumps, trannies and jib features, the challenges faced are different to those on a ski slope. No two parks are the same; the snow conditions vary constantly, and the installations are becoming increasingly complex. Know-how and precision in implementation play an extremely important role – both for the safety and performance of elite riders, as well as for the fun factor for recreational riders.