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Fleet Management by PRINOTH is an integrated system for complete fleet management of snow groomers at the ski resort, including snowmobiles and other vehicles. Regardless of manufacturer, and thanks to the latest transmission technology, position and vehicle data can be viewed in real time. The data is presented as a clear overview on an intuitive user interface and can be retrieved via PC and all mobile devices.

Through Fleet Management with its intelligent data preparation and relevant performance indicators, PRINOTH is able to offer an ideal tool for increasing the efficiency of the fleet and reducing costs, quickly and efficiently.


  • With accurate recording and individually scalable evaluation of the data, the system precisely compiles the information that is needed to optimize performance of both vehicle and operator. You will receive, amongst other things, access to the allocation of operating hours and maintenance intervals therefore ensuring proper planning: You will know the vehicle’s position at any time and how it can be economically operated.
  • Not only snow grooming vehicles, but also snowmobiles and passenger vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, can be equipped with Fleet Management. This makes it possible for the entire vehicle fleet at a ski resort to be monitored, intelligently managed and optimized.


  • Intuitive and self-explanatory user interface
  • Modern and dependable data transfer technology
  • Vehicle data and position in real time
  • Compatible with all snow groomers
  • No additional infrastructure necessary for data transfer and storage
  • User-friendly and robust operator recognition technology via RFID key
  • Replay function
  • Web-based usable on all end devices


Efficient management requires factual information: Vehicle status, working time, position and speed, engine and vehicle codes and the status of the winch, tiller and lighting. All crucial information transmitted in real time and displayed via PRINOTH’s own SNOW HOW software.
One of the system’s advantages is directly noticeable during set-up: There is no need for the customer to have to concern themselves with the installation of a local server, or to organize the storage and transmission of data. This allows them to be able to fully concentrate on their fleet management.


SNOW HOW offers complete reporting with detailed evaluations and clearly presented statistics. Reports can be individualized, exported with ease and shared with colleagues. The data collected does not simply provide individual parameters (fuel quantities, position, working time, etc.), but also provides key indicators (hectares per hour, liters per hectare, etc.) that are calculated for each user, who in return receive an overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities in the ski resort. It’s easy to extrapolate the potential for optimization, increase performance and reduce costs.

  • Detailed production of reports on the vehicle, operator and slopes
  • Digital operator logbook
  • Evaluation and data export options
  • Reports on productivity, current status, usage hours, fuel consumption and much more

  • Bar charts, events analysis, event link to a map
  • Simple management tool, revealing plan deviations and current values

With its Replay Function, in addition to monitoring & analysis, SNOW HOW offers the possibility to display past activities using time lapse recording in order to show all relevant vehicle data, such as:

  • Which operator is in which vehicle
  • GPS position of the vehicles
  • Vehicle’s technical data


SNOW HOW - Catalog
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SNOW HOW - System Overview
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