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PANTHER T8 working in Italy

PANTHER sold for the first time to an Italian customer

PRINOTH was excited last fall when our globally present PANTHER was sold for the first time to an Italian customer. The unit, a PANTHER T8 equipped with a dump-box, a winch and FOPS cabin was purchased by De Campo Egidio Eredi S.N.C., a firm specializing in constructions for hydroelectric applications.

Upon taking delivery in beautiful Tuscany last November, the customer was excited to start working with a vehicle made to operate on soft ground and able to climb steep, slippery, muddy slopes. The PANTHER’s outstanding traction and unique track design, offers the very best off-road capability on the market and will allow Mr. Danilo De Campo to transport electrical devices to the hydroelectric power station or pipings for penstocks, as well as moving big stones around on job sites.

The customer commented that he was very satisfied with the unit because the vehicle has good performance on muddy grounds, very good traction and overall, offers great transport performance. All in all, a successful sale that will be a reference to more PANTHERs crawling around on European jobsites.