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PRINOTH: not only a job, also a passion

A miniature PANTHER T14R on a 3D printer

If you ask PRINOTH employees if they like working for PRINOTH, they will answer that there is no better business to work for. Granby subsidiary employee, Keena Fleury, even took it to another level. He mixed his personal interests with his passion for his work to build a miniature PANTHER T14R on a 3D printer!

The 3D designer has been working for PRINOTH for 13 years. He has always been passionate about his job and the vehicle he designs. He decided to take this passion to his personal life when he bought himself a 3D printer. For his first project, he wanted to test the limits of the machine. He printed a 1:10 scaled PANTHER T14R. With his experience of 3D design, he simplified the vehicle design to remove all unnecessary details. After about 500 printing hours and 20 hours assembling the piece, he finally got the result he wanted. The miniature vehicle looks just like the real one! So much so that the piece has been on display in his office ever since!

Keena also printed and assembled a tiller, again scaled 1:10. It took him roughly the same time for printing and assembling the tiller has it had the whole PANTHER. That goes to show how intricate tillers are designed.

Overall, Keena’s passion for PRINOTH allowed him to realise some pretty cool stuff which we’re proud to show!