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PRINOTH Tracked Vehicles at ICUEE

Displaying the PANTHER product line

PRINOTH will participate in the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) taking place early October in Louisville, KY as a key attraction between the 1,000 exhibitors who attend the trade show for utility professionals and construction contractors.

In this year’s show, PRINOTH will display a variety of sizes and models from both dominant crawler carrier PANTHER line-up and Vegetation Management offer. Of course, there will be the possibility for partners and clients to share experiences and impressions, understanding strong suits and areas of improvement.

Crawler Carriers of all sizes, for all job types – to serve the customer

The biggest PRINOTH crawler carrier, the PANTHER T22 with an AC45-127S crane offers best-in-class safety, reliability and off-road performance. The brand new PRINOTH PANTHER T7R was first introduced in the Spring of 2019 and is set to redefine the standards for tracked dumper productivity & cost effectiveness. The PANTHER T8, first introduced in 2011, is a real legacy product at PRINOTH. It remains one of the most versatile crawler carriers on the market and offers exceptional performance and versatility, in electric utility, mining, construction, as well as oil and gas. Finally, the PANTHER T12 on display at ICUEE will be equipped with a new type of equipment for this size of tracked vehicle.

PRINOTH has been producing tracked vehicles of all shapes and sizes for over 65 years. The company has been at the very onset of most technologies considered standards in the industry nowadays and is proud to showcase its products.