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PRINOTH & STREUMASTER announce joint project

The Largest Off-road Lime-spreader

PRINOTH announces a joint project with German-based company Streumaster to create a lime-spreader on rubber tracks with the highest performance available on the market in view of productivity and off-road performance. Back in September 2020, PRINOTH and Streumaster developed a 13-m3-sized lime-spreader on rubber tracks with the PANTHER T12 chassis as a base. This size is so far the largest on the market built on rubber tracks.

In order to achieve this size of unit, the engineering teams at PRINOTH and Streumaster made some significant changes to their respective base units.

“Working with Streumaster, a Wirtgen-system partner company, was stimulating for both engineering and sales. We had to think outside the box a little to overcome the constraints this project first posed. We are confident that the solution we are now introducing worldwide will enhance contractors’ capacity when it comes to laying lime in off-road situations,” commented Doug Little, Director of Sales at PRINOTH.

For more info, email sales.na@prinoth.com