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PANTHER T16 Implement-ready on D-Dent tracks

The PANTHER T16 crawler carrier with a GVWR of 30,708 kg (67,700 lb) can carry digger derricks, aerial devices, cranes, drills, and more into the most challenging of terrains.

The PANTHER T16 tracked carrier is widely used as a tool carrier (digger derricks, aerial devices, cranes, various drills) where ground conditions prohibit the use of a wheeled vehicle. It will allow the operator to complete the work on rugged terrain while exerting very low ground pressure. Equipped with the latest microcontroller technology that optimizes fuel consumption by managing engine throttle and hydrostatic transmission parameters, the PANTHER T16 is a reliable work tool backed by a powerful Tier 4 Final engine and enhanced safety features.

More specifically, this version offers the RAD chassis, which stands for Rapid Attach Design, and is a unique innovation that increases productivity for our customers in the power and utility sector by helping save hundreds of hours with their equipment installation. The design was created in collaboration with implement OEMs to minimize their challenges of sub-base assembly to a tracked vehicle and proves to be even more rigid from a torsion perspective.

Offering high payload combined to a high speed capacity, the PANTHER T16 is the fastest vehicle in its class.

Overall, the payload capacity on this unit allows to install bigger implements on a smaller vehicle thus granting PRINOTH with a clear advantage.

PANTHER T16 Implement-ready on D-Dent tracks Specifications
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PANTHER Series Brochure
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