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Opening of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

A slightly different requirement for the RAPTOR 300r

Season start of the Alpine passes: every year from April to May the pass roads are cleared of snow and opened to traffic. In the process, snow depths of often more than 20 meters on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria have to be removed by twelve full-time snow removers in around 25 days. This year, the 275 HP RAPTOR 300r with a snow blower was used for the first time on the 48-km long alpine road. The operating company GROHAG became aware of the Vegetation Management division and the powerful RAPTOR carrier vehicles through the PRINOTH snow groomer portfolio.

RAPTOR 300r: Innovation in snow removal

Peter Embacher from GROHAG is convinced of the product: "Since we are always looking for modern and innovative vehicles, we came across the RAPTOR from PRINOTH. The various snow conditions we have here can only be managed with a tracked vehicle". Where tractors with snow blowers reach their performance limits, the RAPTOR 300r with its rubber track and mounted crampons provides the necessary grip on the icy track. Another advantage in comparison to tractor attachment - from the RAPTOR 300r cockpit you have a clear view of the snow blower and the path to be cleared.

Before operation, the snow blower was attached to the RAPTOR 300r at the manufacturer Kahlbacher. The driving power did not pose too much of a challenge, as the snow blower is very similar in weight and composition to the mulchers, which normally cover the front of the RAPTOR 300r.

Optimal synergy within the PRINOTH Group

Due to its dimensions and compatibility with the snow blower, the RAPTOR 300r is more suitable for snow clearance than the PRINOTH snow groomers, which are already available in the local ski area. The PRINOTH software SNOW HOW installed there is also used in the RAPTOR: it shows the snow depth in real time as well as the road routing on a display in the vehicle. This results in an even distribution of the snow masses, which prevents the destruction of path boundaries. GROHAG thus saves annual repair costs, which are incurred by the previous snow clearing machines.