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Biomass harvesting by PRINOTH

BMH480-H600 is catching on in Cuba

In many countries’ investments have been put on ice on account of the corona virus and its accompanying economic uncertainty. We can rejoice even more that PRINOTH has received the contract to supply new biomass harvester BMH 480 with H600 attachment!

The vehicles will expand the already existing PRINOTH fleet in Cuba, which is being used to harvest the Marabù plants. The biomass from the harvested weeds will be burnt as fuel to heat giant water boilers. Cuba can thus abandon expensive imported heavy fuel.

Since April 2019, our customer has produced electricity at its new power station in Cuba - and now indeed a second boiler has gone into operation. We have already succeeded in increasing production with the existing PRINOTH fleet: only last week 1,000 tons biomass per day were produced. 60,000 tons biomass are already in store, yet with our support productivity will increase even further.

These introduced invasive weeds have plagued Cuba for over a century: they are multiplying out of control and are threatening native plants, some of which are used in agriculture. Cuba’s governments have sought for decades with various measures to overcome the pest, but so far without success. PRINOTH was the only one to succeed in finding a solution to the problem that had continued for over one-hundred years: the BMH480-H600 tears out the growth, including the root, so that it does not shortly afterwards grow back – this is almost impossible for normal tractors because of the thick hardwood undergrowth.

Check out now the biomass process in our video: https://youtu.be/3F4TKkUEUyY

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