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PRINOTH enjoys a successful ELMIA WOOD in Sweden

June 2022: PRINOTH presents its extended product range. Alongside the RAPTOR 500 and various excavator mulchers, the RAPTOR 100 and the JARRAFF All-Terrain Tree Trimmer succeeded in turning lots of heads.

Early June saw the return of the long-anticipated ELMIA WOOD trade fair.

PRINOTH showed an international audience the powerful, remote-controlled RAPTOR 100 carrier vehicle for the first time, following its launch in February. Combined with the M450h mulcher, the RAPTOR 100 can take care of a wide range of tasks: mulching brushwood and branches in rough and inaccessible terrain, maintaining green spaces and forestry work, working on steep ground and at the edges of roads and paths, and working on sensitive surfaces without causing undue damage. Its innovative design and its rugged, compact build really drew the crowds.

The JARRAFF All-Terrain Tree Trimmer, a brand new member of the PRINOTH portfolio, also received a lot of attention. This all-terrain tree trimmer, which is especially suited for pruning work in difficult terrain, features a remarkable 180-degree swivelling saw head (cutting height 23 m).

The RAPTOR 500 and the Panther T14R were another two PRINOTH carriers that were shown at ELMIA WOOD. Also on display were the R800 rotovator – which was developed especially to shred roots and root remnants and to incorporate them into the subsoil – and three different excavator mulchers.

The M650m TURBO mulcher – another relatively new member of PRINOTH’s range – was also on show. It is equipped with a patented turbo coupling for even more safety and is designed for carrier vehicles of between 200 to 400 hp.

The three-day fair was a resounding success. Lots of customers came away with comprehensive advice. Valuable new contacts were made and others were renewed.


ELMIA WOOD is the largest forestry trade fair of its kind and is held in the open countryside near Jönköping in Sweden. It features new technical developments from large machine manufacturers and small suppliers, all exhibited and demonstrated in the most authentic environment of all: the forest. The interactive event provides a great opportunity to obtain in-depth advice from forestry experts, learn about new ways of solving problems, and get guidance on how to increase efficiency and profitability. This makes a visit to the fair very worthwhile indeed, especially for foresters.