“With its snow groomers and tracked utility vehicles,

PRINOTH offers innovative solutions  for highest customer value.

We stand for quality and cost effectiveness”.



PRINOTH achieves its objective through:

Innovative products: PRINOTH thinks ahead and sets standards in the development of new products and optimal solutions.  With a strong focus on research and development and the courage to explore new ideas, we are already working on the technologies of tomorrow.

Customer focus: PRINOTH gears its activities towards customer value. Our proximity to the market allows us to offer integrated solutions to our customers and to increase their business success.

Quality leadership: High-quality products lead to high reliability and productivity. Our quality promise is complemented with excellent service and worldwide availability of genuine spare parts.

Efficiency: PRINOTH aims for continuous improvement of processes in all business sectors and optimizes the cost effectiveness of its added value. We pay special attention to maximum efficiency and an economical use of resources.

Strong employee orientation: Committed employees with high individual responsibility find potential for development and fulfillment at PRINOTH. Our open corporate culture leads to high transparency and a strong team spirit.