Framgång bygger på medarbetarnas engagemang

Stora möjligheter för engagerade medarbetare
Elev eller student, yngre akademiker eller erfaren expert inom ditt område - vår Grupp kan erbjuda rätt utmaning för dig. Ett utmanande arbete i kombination med utrymme för självständigt arbete säkerställer ordentliga utbildningsmöjlighet och chansen att få träning på plats. Du kan också bli en i vårt team och inspireras av våra 3.500 erfarna medarbetare och företagsledare!

Ni hittar våra lediga tjänster här, eller varför inte skicka in en egen ansökan!





Our international team

Our international team

The employees at the 15 sites form an international team that works together across national boundaries in support of company success.

Our sites scattered across the globe in Europe, North America and Asia, and our numerous sales and service points, are both a challenge and an opportunity. They stimulate global communication, an international exchange of information, and learning across national boundaries.

An international company does not just mean sites all over the world, it also and most importantly stands for the differences, variety and contrasts that enrich collaborative working every single day. Various company events also provide the opportunity to grow together through shared experiences.

Our divisions

Our divisions

Technical, commercial or practical – find out more about our eight divisions and find which is the right one for you!

Our engineers are not the only ones working hard on the product so that we can continue impressing our customers with top quality and cutting-edge technology. The collaboration between the different divisions is also essential. In keeping with the motto "Individually in a small team, collectively

with other divisions", the following eight divisions in our Group work together for the success of the company: Production, Research and Development, Customer Service, IT, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing and Administration.