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SWAROVSKI develops exclusively for PRINOTH

LEITWOLF Winch as limited-edition crystal figurines in scale 1:40


PRINOTH has come up with something very special for 2018 and commissioned Swarovski to create the LEITWOLF as a crystal figurine. It quickly became clear that the optical connection between glittering snow and sparkling crystal could not fit better. The crystal snow groomer was developed in a limited edition of 700 pieces in close coordination between Swarovski and PRINOTH with its grinding pattern and logo application.


The special thing about the design is the unique combination of two materials: the crystal figurine was made of crystal-colored Advanced Crystal, while the winch was made as a swivelling metal part. The facet finish guarantees maximum brilliance while maintaining the typical PRINOTH product design.


Swarovski crystals are famous for their extraordinary brilliance. This long-established Tyrolean company has been producing jewelry, fashion accessories, figurines and much more for over 120 years. Daniel Swarovski, who founded the company in 1895, sought from the very beginning to advance technical progress and to increase the brilliance and purity of the crystals. This focus on technical progress has also been a hallmark of PRINOTH since its foundation:

The "pioneer's awareness" and the unbridled desire for innovation of the company's founder and racing driver Ernst Prinoth have shaped the business of this company that has been active around the world from its foundation in 1962 to the present day, ensuring far-reaching development with the highest demands on quality and design. In addition to efficiency and performance, PRINOTH also attaches great importance to design and expressivity: operators should be able to climb into their vehicle with a sense of pride and joy and enjoy the "driving pleasure." The company promotes these emotions with the visual appearance of the vehicles, for which no less than Pininfarina is responsible.

Das „Pionier-Bewusstsein“ und die unbändige Innovationslust des Firmengründers und Rennfahrers Ernst Prinoth prägt bis heute die Gründung des Unternehmens im Jahre 1962 und sorgt für umfassende Weiterentwicklung bei stets höchsten Qualitäts- und Designansprüchen. Neben Effizienz und Leistungsfähigkeit werden auch Design und Ausdrucksstärke bei PRINOTH großgeschrieben, denn: Fahrer sollen auch mit Stolz und Freude in ihr Fahrzeug steigen und dabei „Fahrspaß“ verspüren. Diese Emotionen fördert das Unternehmen mit dem optischen Erscheinungsbild der Fahrzeuge, für das immerhin kein Geringerer als Pininfarina verantwortlich zeichnet.

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