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LA PLAGNE & RACINES - The games are over!

The PRINOTH CUP is the top challenge for truly driven snow-groomer operators! Skill, precision and quick reactions were the difference makers when it came to conquering the cup at the snow arena in La Plagne (FR) and Ratschings (IT).

In La Plagne the snow waited until the end of the competitions to appear, even if the weather was cold and cloudy. More than 100 spectators shared the excitement of the participants and stirred up the Feelings. Together with the DJ Damien the charming moderator Karine Gachet led through the day. Part of the event was also the SNOWLICIOUS Food Truck who provided delicious homemade burgers. PRINOTH demo operators, sales representatives as well as Denis Ribot, the manager of PRINOTH France were there at the participant’s disposal.

Also the PRINOTH CUP in Italy was a smashing success on the slope. Despite the at times unfavorable weather conditions on the first day of the competition, the PRINOTH CUP Ratschings was great fun for everyone!

At the Ratschings ski resort, a large area was marked off for PRINOTH, where we could let off the steam: besides the LEITWOLF, HUSKY and BISON, the SNOWLICIOUS was also there to serve the finest meats from Wippland. Our production manager Peter Wieser assisted chef Andrea Campi and proved that he really knows every single snow groomer - even those who have started a second life as a food truck.

The competition disciplines were faced by a total of more than 200 participants. The operators from Italy, Austria, Bavaria, France, Norway, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were cheered on by Eurosport presenter Birgit Nössing and the groovy music of DJ Willy.

Have a look at the pictures, the videos and the winners’ ranking of the PRINOTH CUP 2018:

  • La Plagne – FR >
  • Racines - IT >

We are already looking forward to see you at the next edition of the PRINOTH CUP in 2019!