Tillbaka till översikt

PRINOTH Official Supplier of the Nordic World Cup 2019 in Seefeld

We can hardly wait for the spectacle!

In the winter of 2019, the Nordic Ski Circus returns to Seefeld. As early as 1985, the Olympic region hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. For this major sports event, the Seefeld Casino Arena was specially converted and expanded. New features include the snow-making system, the functions building, the under-tunnelling system, cross-country ski run connections and the inclined elevator that takes the athletes to the ski jump. PRINOTH is the Official Supplier of the World Championship.

PRINOTH is there

Seefeld relies on the leading manufacturer of snow groomers: PRINOTH. In Seefeld, top-class trails and slopes are guaranteed by the HUSKY and the BISON: easy to maneuver, compact and powerful. These are snow groomers that were developed for the grooming of demanding facilities such as snow parks, jumps and cross-country trails. Other Nordic centres such as Lillehammer, Kulm or Bergisel are also convinced of PRINOTH’s technology.

Ski jumps and cross-country ski trails: no problem for PRINOTH

The grooming of a ski jump is special and not comparable to an ordinary slope, because in the alpine area there are hardly any slopes that are as steep as a jumping hill. Thanks to PRINOTH’s AUTOMATIC winch, hill ski jump grooming is no problem.

In the early morning hours, the trails are prepared for competition with the HUSKY. Both the skating and the classic cross-country ski trails are prepared by PRINOTH. The PRINOTH Nordic Liner makes it possible to activate the track setting plates individually and draw the perfect trail.

Fantastic conditions

Seefeld offers the ideal terrain for Nordic disciplines: The trail network takes the athletes through forests and past a dreamlike mountain scenery. This may be of little interest to athletes during the competition, but it is the icing on the cake for spectators on site and in front of TV screens worldwide.

And when we imagine how the sun will shine over Seefeld and the perfect PRINOTH slopes and trails at the end of February featuring the world's top athletes mastering the trails… we can hardly wait for the spectacle!