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Support the PRINOTH LEITWOLF project

As some of you may already know, there is a PRINOTH LEITWOLF project on the page Lego Ideas. The aim of the project is to be supported by 10,000 different users so that the LEITWOLF model can be approved for review and finally be implemented as an actual LEGO set.

We have already received 4,104 votes - now we are also asking you to support the project. Just a few steps are enough:

1. Click here in order to create an account on the Lego Ideas
2. Support the PRINOTH LEITWOLF project
3. You are done!

Please, also invite your friends to vote for the Lego PRINOTH LEITWOLF. There are still 87 days left to reach the next milestone of 5,000 supporters - once this mark is reached, we will receive 182 more days to collect the final 10,000 votes.

Let's do this together!

Watch the video