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The digitization of the Telfs spare parts warehouse is progressing

Investments in the digitization of the spare parts warehouse

Comprehensive investments in the digitization of the spare parts warehouse ensure a lean, straightforward processes and outstanding speed, which PRINOTH customers are accustomed to.

An overview of the innovations made so far:

Thanks to state-of-the-art warehouse management software, the individual departments and instances are perfectly networked: better overview of processes and materials, faster processing of customer orders.

A new automated warehouse (Kardex) with a volume of approx. 4,000 bulk storage locations is digitally integrated in the flow and accelerates the processing of all enquiries many times over. In this way, the goods to be picked are delivered directly to the parts clerk.

The environment has also been taken into consideration: scanner and barcode against red tape.

In addition to the storage locations, the spare parts were also provided with barcode stickers. Using a hand scanner, the spare parts to be picked are identified and booked. All activities and information are automatically bundled, controlled and evaluated, without any paperwork.

The bottom line: increased orders and better overview, faster processes and even shorter order throughput times.