Tillbaka till översikt

You’ve got to dream big…

… Big SNOW America!

The great shopping and leisure centre about 16 km outside the gates of New York had its great long-awaited opening ceremony. Planning and development of the “American Dream” in New Jersey had taken 16 years.

But the ultimate shopping experience is not the only thing on offer at the American Dream Retail and Entertainment Center, but also year-round ideal snow conditions on climatic pistes for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Big SNOW American Dream is North America’s first truly snow-sure, all-year-round ski and snowboard resort and the perfect place to learn to ski – for every day is a snow day! Further, the 1.7-hectare snow centre is attended by PRINOTH’s partner SNOW Operating, that is to say, the best piste conditions thanks to the HUSKY X and an outstanding offer of training for children, adults and families at all levels of difficulty.

“We have been working for more than three years with the PRINOTH team and with the HUSKY X machine, most recently and significantly at the opening of Big SNOW. They are amazing partners that have included us and listened to us in the development and test stages as to exactly what we need in order to manage the pistes and the underpinned surface of the learning area in Big SNOW. We could hardly wait to share the entire Big SNOW complex with the public.” So said Patrick Hession, VP of Operations, SNOW Operating.

With the HUSKY X, PRINOTH’s most compact and manoeuvrable snow groomer, the Big SNOW operating team can look forward to reliable technology, a comfortable cabin, and, above all, an engine with the lowest possible emission values.

For more information, see www.bigsnowamericandream.com