One of the most important tools for a fleet of snow groomers is a snow measurement system. Managing snow efficiently can extend the ski season, will save costs and enables more sustainability.

✓ Extend the season

Knowing the snow depth at all times helps extend the skiing season by ensuring slopes have the right amount of snow. Ski resorts working with our snow measurement system have kept slopes open for more days due to the exact amount of snow being distributed across the trails.

✓ Be Sustainable

Reduce the amount of snow you need to make through knowing how much snow you have. It really is that simple. Through snow measurement you will reduce your electricity costs, water usages and hours spent grooming.

Moreover, because operators need less time to prepare the slopes fuel consumption is minimized too.

✓ Build the world's best parks – cheaply

Our system can dramatically reduce the costs of building and maintaining parks. Less time is needed to build which means less costs on manpower, fuel and machine hours. Moreover, the exact quantities of snow needed is known, preventing the making of excess snow or moving snow unnecessarily.

Snow parks are visualized on the display in the machine enabling the operator to build the park exactly how it has been planned. Additionally, maintaining the park throughout the season is made much easier as the operator and shapers know exactly how the park element should be formed at all times.

The results are less costs, safer parks and happier skier and snowboarders.


Snow Measurement
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Customer Feedback

Gabriel Fauster, General Secretary OC Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup 3 Zinnen Dolomites

Gabriel Fauster, General Secretary OC Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup 3 Zinnen Dolomites

"Thanks to the technologies used, we were able to work many times more efficiently than in previous years. Thanks to the snow measurement software from PRINOTH, we were able to reduce machine hours by 35 percent. Even the snowmaking could be planned more precisely and the operators and shapers could be assigned exactly to their respective areas. Overall, everything is much more plannable and relaxed; this should be the way for the future."

Marco Bernard, Slopes Manager Bromont, montagne d'expériences

Marco Bernard, Slopes Manager Bromont, montagne d'expériences

"When the time comes to develop our alpine parks, the task is so much easier. Our operators are unanimous that the Snow Measurement system greatly facilitates their work and offers many possibilities in terms of formatting and modulation.In terms of energy savings linked to snow coverare and the time spent setting it up, the qualitative and quantitative advantages that the Snow Measurement system provides are very significant."

Ken Mack, Snow Surfaces Manager Loon Mountain Resort

Ken Mack, Snow Surfaces Manager Loon Mountain Resort

"We are using Fleet Management, and Snow Measurement. Both are a daily addiction of mine, In Fleet Management I can replay the previous night’s grooming operations and tweak operational procedures and immediately see what is completed and When. I use the Snow Measurement data in all snowmaking decisions during the resurfacing and patch work efforts. No more guessing and anecdotal decisions where we need snow… It’s all there in color right on my desk top!"