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Our vehicles are equipped with the highest quality. PRINOTH-guaranteed OEM parts to ensure longterm performance and reliability. PRINOTH vehicles retain their value and provide you with lower maintenance costs, longer vehicle life and higher vehicle resale value. For the same outstanding performance you choose when purchasing a PRINOTH vehicle, maintain it with certified OEM parts. Our components are made, tested and proven specifically for your tracked vehicle. You can rely on parts engineered to exact specifications; consistent, quality materials; a superior, original finish; and stringent testing for durability and reliability. Our 24/7 worldwide network is ready to serve your parts and service needs no matter where in the world your work takes you. Quality parts and quality service, where and when you need them.

PRINOTH Certified Original OEM Parts

Outfitting your vehicle with quality OEM parts isn’t just about short-term costs – it’s a sound long-term investment. In this business, cheap rarely pays off. Discover the monster benefits of PRINOTH tracked utility vehicle replacement parts:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better vehicle resale value
  • Fewer vehicle breakdowns
  • 90-day guarantee from PRINOTH on every part
  • Longer vehicle life

For the same outstanding performance you chose in purchasing a PRINOTH tracked utility vehicle, maintain it with PRINOTH certified Original OEM parts. Our equipment is made, tested and proven specifically for your tracked vehicle.

Replacement parts engineered to exact specifications. Superior, original finish.

Consistent, quality materials. Stringent durability and breakdown trials and field tests.

The OEM certified parts also fit tracked vehicles made by Bombardier, Camoplast, Flextrack, Nodwell, Powertraxx, Foremost and others.

PRINOTH manufactures certified OEM parts for all the assets of Bombardier Industrial vehicles such as: Muskeg and Muskeg HY, Go-Tract, SW 4S, SW 48, Bombi, B12, B15, B20, BM 50, BR 60, BR 100, BR 110, BR 120, BR 350, BR 400, Trooper, Patrol, J5, J5 HY, etc.

Reliability pays off. Make sure your vehicle is reliable with PRINOTH certified OEM parts!