Tillbaka till översikt

Important changes at PRINOTH Granby

Brighter offices for an open and motivating environment!

Over the past year, the PRINOTH offices in Granby have been undergoing major changes. Changes in office culture, enhancing innovation and teamwork. To reflect and accommodate the new approach, the offices were completely redesigned.

The desire to have big results required big changes! The entire first floor was stripped and rebuilt with an open floor plan so that all employees can benefit from the natural light coming in and have a general view of the entire floor and their colleagues.

A team of volunteer employees did some research and found modern designs that changed the way meetings can be held. An example of this is a meeting room with a high table and no chairs, people stand instead of sitting. It keeps everyone energetic and reduces meeting time as everyone is fully focused. All the rooms also have glass walls enhancing the natural light within the building.

Employees are starting to adapt to the new approach and are loving the final results. They see a change at their workplace and feel more motivated to come and give their best each day.