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Service Quality for our Partners and Customers

After 25 years in Vegetation Management...

After 25 years in Vegetation Management our machines extend in all cardinal directions. From the coldest and harshest conditions in the Russian taiga to the hottest and dustiest west of the USA. From the northern forests of Norway to the bush of South Africa and Australia.

This product range of carrier vehicles and attachments in different applications are managed from our service Team in Herdwangen – Germany. "It is always exciting to see from which Countries we are contacted and we are astonished about machines with over 15,000-20,000 operating hours after 18 years or more" stated by Jürgen Rohnstock – our head of service.

Service technicians undergo different areas of production prior to their first task in the field. Therefore they know the design of the carrier vehicles by heart even before a new machine type goes into operation the very first time. With this experience and knowledge, our skilled personnel is able to analyze problems in the field efficiently and quickly.

With this broad range of? application consulting and initial start-up support to trainingsand emergency repairs, our service team provides a real benefit for partners and customers. With this strong backup, we are able to guarantee supreme machine performance, leading to a long lasting customer relationships, reaching back as far as the company itself.