Thus, the number of alternative methods is respectively large. In most cases, however, parallels can be identified. For example, manual work is often the alternative to our products. Bulldozers, excavators and burning are often used for clearance work.

With all these methods, there are two recurring reasons that clearly demonstrate the benefits of mulching.

  1. Mulching is faster and more economical
  2. Mulching is much more sustainable

Particularly when making an economic comparison, mulching can often take the place of a process that consists of several steps. While mulching clears and removes the material or forestland in one-step, a machine or several workers would otherwise be required to fell the stands, gather, remove and finally dispose of the material.

Furthermore, mulching not only removes the vegetation but also reintroduces it to the ecosystem in a broken-down form. This means that the reduced biomass is evenly distributed in the soil. As a result, the soil does not dry out after the vegetation has been removed and does not become a victim of wind and rain erosion. The natural biological decomposition process also forms a layer of humus, which is transported into the soil by microorganisms and makes it more fertile.

Why we value certain things in particular.

To further support ecological considerations and subsequently provide the best value for the environment and our customers, we ensure that our products have a long service life and maximum efficiency.

Forestry mulcher are also known as brush cutters, cutter heads, mulchers, mulching heads and so on.


  • Durability
  • Effiziency