PRINOTH – The Premium Brand

PRINOTH snow groomers and tracked vehicles are in the fast lane all over the world: with excellent performance, economy, efficiency and reliable design.

PRINOTH has always stood for snow groomers of the highest quality. In 2009, the acquisition of the Canadian tracked vehicle manufacturer Camoplast allowed diversifying the product portfolio. Since then, PRINOTH can boast the world's most comprehensive range of snow groomers and tracked vehicles. In 2011, with the takeover of the German forestry machine manufacturer AHWI, the PRINOTH Group expanded its activities to a third business segment. In addition to snow grooming and tracked vehicles, PRINOTH is now a player in the vegetation management sector.

Snow Groomers. Perfect slopes. PRINOTH snow groomers stand for innovative technologies and appealing design and are known the world over. PRINOTH takes a resource-friendly approach to designing and building its snow groomers to meet the demand for maximum efficiency in snow grooming. The combination of cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in grooming is the recipe for success for cost-effective and high-quality snow grooming.

Tracked Vehicles. No matter whether mud, gravel or snow, PRINOTH tracked vehicles are reliable working machinery for extreme applications on extreme terrains. Thanks to their huge payload, these vehicles can be equipped with all types of specialized attachments and are perfect for all construction and drilling work, including pipeline construction, and for the laying and maintenance of power lines. In short, they offer a wide variety of applications for deployment throughout the year under the most difficult conditions. PRINOTH tracked vehicles stand out for their very low ground pressure, which allows them to reach places where other wheeled vehicles would inevitably get stuck. Moreover, these vehicles are used for the transport of personnel, machinery and other heavy equipment.

Vegetation Management. Mulching, clearing or milling. With a broad range of innovative tracked vehicles and powerful mulchers, PRINOTH provides sustainable solutions for clearing and re-cultivating forest areas, keeping power line clearing lanes free and transforming unused scrubland into agricultural or forestry land. In addition to being focused on the cost-effective machining of forest and agricultural lands, the PRINOTH Vegetation Management business unit is also set on expanding its range of biomass solutions.

An expert partner. Whether snow groomers, tracked vehicles, or mulching attachments, all our machinery is designed for practical everyday needs and can be personalized to meet the most diverse requirements of customers anywhere in the world. PRINOTH’s mission is to be your expert partner in a relationship in which service and customer focus are a priority.