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Sustainable Products

Our product designs demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

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For a cleaner future

Whether through the selection of clean engines, the attention to efficiency or the focus on minimizing our carbon footprint, we endeavor to set benchmarks in the industries we operate in and help contribute to a cleaner future.

crawler<br />


Boosted efficiency and reduced emissions through
Stage V engines and telematics. 


As the first crawler carrier manufacturer to offer Stage V (Tier 4 final) emission standard engines across all models we set the benchmark in the industry for cleaner vehicles. Stage V engines significantly reduce emissions helping to improve air quality and minimize the impact on the environment.

Prinoth Connect -
Fleet Management

Our latest telematics system enables customers and operators to see fuel usage, machine utilization and fault codes in real time. The environmental benefits include reduced fuel consumption, optimization of routes reducing unnecessary idling, fuel wastage and emissions as well as minimizing the number of vehicles needed for a job.


Special attention to the productivity of the machines has resulted in a fleet that is more productive, enabling them to carry more material, using less fuel. Fuel consumption is kept to a minimum through utilizing the latest technologies from our engine partners.

Snow<br />


Eco-responsible with Stage V engines, alternative fuels, green suppliers
and connected technology to minimize resources.  

The Cleanest

Due to the Stage V engines in all snow groomers, we are not only able to offer the highest emission standards but also provide engines that are compatible with alternative fuels including HVO, GTL and eFuels. Particularly HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil), which can reduce carbon emissions up to 90%, is a good option to using diesel.

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The industry’s first electric snow groomer

Available to purchase since 2022, the Husky E-Motion helps ski resorts and cross country centers around the world reduce their carbon footprint. The vehicle is battery driven and runs up to three hours when fully charged. By omitting an engine, the groomer is not only emission free but also reduces noise pollution—a much welcomed feature among resorts and centers closer to urban areas.

Due to the combination of its relatively small size and high power, the Husky E-Motion is suited for a range of snow applications, from laying cross-country tracks to preparing slopes and trails. Further developments on the vehicle have led to an increased battery efficiency and an eco-mode that adjusts the optimal running settings so that battery life can be prolonged.

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A sustainable approach to our products means considering all aspects of the development and manufacturing process. Our suppliers are an essential part of this and we strive to work with partners that reflect our values. For example, our aluminum supplier is certified for its production of green aluminum, meaning it uses 100% renewable energy sources for smelting and refining.

Carbon &
Emission-Free Vehicles

There is no stronger statement to confirm our dedication to providing environmentally-friendly products than the development of our carbon and emission-free snow groomers. Years of investment in R&D, even throughout the corona pandemic, resulted in two world firsts. In 2020 we unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-powered snow groomer and our electric Husky E-Motion vehicle. Two years later, we launched the industry’s only electric snow groomer available for purchase. The early development of our Leitwolf H2-Motion hydrogen model, has enabled us to gain invaluable experience in the development of carbon and emission-free machines.


To support the use of our snow groomers we have developed comprehensive training programs for operators and technicians. Here they learn how best to operate and maintain the machines with a focus on minimizing resources such as fuel consumption.

Prinoth Academy

Circular Economy

In our snow grooming business unit, we sell hundreds of used vehicles each year adding hundreds of thousands of operating hours to the machines. In most cases, the vehicles have gone through some kind of refurbishment. Once a vehicle has reached the end of its operational lifespan it can be refurbished and given a second life, helping drive a more circular economy. Doing so therefore reduces the use of new materials minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing as well as savings on energy, and waste reduction. Additionally, more work is created helping generate employment opportunities in the communities we serve.


Prinoth Connect uses the power of internet-connected technologies to improve the environmental impact of our machines, help customers minimize their resource consumption, and make the daily work lives of employees in ski resorts easier. Some of these technologies include our snow measurement system that measures the exact amount of snow on a slope. This enables operators to save on fuel through grooming more efficiently while helping ski resorts produce only the snow they need. In some cases, 30% less snow has been produced using this system. Another example is our fleet management system that shows exactly how much fuel the vehicles are using, helping both operators and management further minimize fuel consumption.

Prinoth Connect
Vegetation<br />


Clean Stage V engines and efficient designs maximize
performance while minimizing carbon emissions.

Cleaner Engines

Our Raptor carrier vehicles, produced in Herdwangen, Germany all come with the cleanest engine technology, namely Stage V motors. In doing so, we also provide engines that are compatible* with alternative fuels including HVO, GTL and eFuels that contribute to the reduction in carbon emissions.

* Compatible alternative fuels vary depending on the manufacturers’ specifications. 


One principal guides us through our product portfolio of over 50 products, whether a mulcher, tree trimmer, rotovator or carrier vehicle, all are developed with efficiency as a top priority. This means they are designed to use as minimal fuel as possible while delivering the highest performance. The balance isn’t easy to master but with a combination of efficient engines, in-house knowledge through decades of experience and state-of-the  art technology, we offer products that perform and minimize resources.


Another supplier, renowned for its sustainable practices, supplies us with joysticks for our carrier vehicles. With the initiation of its plan in 2009 to become carbon neutral, our supplier has implemented sustainability in many aspects of its business practices—from the materials used in its products to the production of its own energy and even the materials used in the construction of its buildings.

Enhancing Safety in Tree Trimming Operations

In arboriculture and vegetation management, safety is paramount. Tree trimming, a task essential for maintaining healthy vegetation and ensuring public safety, often poses risks to workers due to the dangers of working at heights and navigating through dense foliage. However, Jarraff Tree Trimmers are engineered to enhance safety while maximizing efficiency. The machines incorporate a range of features and functionalities designed to mitigate risks. Whether through their capability to operate from the ground, ability to make precise cuts, advanced integrated safety systems or ensuring stability on diverse terrain, Jarraff Tree Trimmers prioritize the well-being of workers.

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